Ben Segenreich
Ben Segenreich

Israel is confusing. There are so many things which exist only in Israel and in no other country.

As a correspondent in Israel, I mainly dealt with politics and conflicts, but also with society, religion, economy, culture, archeology, sports. I give lectures and moderate events for audiences who are interested in Israel.


I am an Austrian born journalist, who has been living in Israel for the last 36 years. I have provided thousands of reports, features and opinion pieces for TV, radio and print in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I have been a permanent correspondent for ORF (Austrian TV and Radio), the Austrian daily Der Standard and the German daily Die Welt.



Ben Segenreich

70 Years Israel Movie

ORF WELTjournal, 2018

Ben Segenreich

i24 Spin Room

(English, 2018)

Ben Segenreich



Ben Segenreich



Ben Segenreich



Ben Segenreich

Mein Tel Aviv


Ben Segenreich



Ben Segenreich

My Glorious Bethlehem




Einstein in Jerusalem

(Wina, 2018)


Unnötige Aufregung

über ein unnötiges Gesetz

(Wina, 2018)


„Im Sicherheitsbereich

bin ich sehr optimistisch“

(Wina, 2018)


Israel, eine "recht verrückte Geschichte"

(Der Standard, 2018)

"Segenreich On Air"

Israel Video Blog

My Israel Video Blogs regularly appear on the homepage of Mena-Watch, the Vienna based independent Middle East Thinktank.

ben segenreich vlog
Buch Fast Ganz Normal

Israel: A perfectly normal country. Almost.

Terror, gas masks, sirens, but also Hightech, good food and zest for living – all this constitutes Israel.

ORF-correspondent Ben Segenreich and his wife Daniela, who relocated to Israel 30 years ago, draw a multi-layered picture of the small Middle-Eastern country. With knowledge and humour and in a personal style they write about the development of the state and its complicated relations with Austria, about Holocaust survivors, everyday life under the permanent threat of war, common features of the German and Hebrew languages, and much more.


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